Your Visit

Initial Consultation

Our initial visit last about 90 minutes, it gives us time to get to know you and adapt our care to your needs. It covers the following.

We will start by reviewing your health forms Then we will listen to your concerns. You might have some short term health concern and some long term health objectives.

Then we will listen to your concerns. You might have some short term health concern and some long term health objectives. We will consider both in your treatment plan.

Bio-energetic Health assessment
We use our Computerized Electrodermal Screening to perform a Meridian Stress Assessment. Each AcuPoint we test is associated with a body system, organ or gland, and the results will guide us to the areas of the body that are balanced, stressed, or weakened.

We might test and suggest some herbs, supplements or cleanses to address any imbalances found in this segment of testing.

Sensitivity Testing
We will test some general irritants such as food or environmental and we will add personalized testing to address your needs. You will get all results and explanation on the same day. We have thousands of different sample to chose from

Treatment plan
Once we know your sensitivities, in regards to your health priorities, we will come out with a treatment plan. A treatment plan tells you how many treatment session we will need and what will be address in each session.

Treatment Sessions

Each treatment session lasts about 30 minutes. Each time we will take an update on your improvements and review the substances that are being cleared in the current treatment.

You can start as soon as you get your results. Lots of our client that travel long distance book their first treatment right after their initial consult. Make sure you ask for it. Most patients usually have between 3 and 8 sessions (depending on how many health concerns we are working on) before booking a follow up.

Follow Up

This is time for re-testing each items that we cleared in your treatment sessions. It is one of the most exciting part of the process as you can see your new tests results and confirm that your sensitivities are gone.

Follow up are necessary to make sure you are done and make sure a sensitivity is 100% cleared and won’t come back. It can take up to 4 session to clear a sensitivity and we typically don’t book 4 session upfront, we choose to start with 1 or 2 then retest to see if more are needed.

In this appointment we will follow up with your initial concerns, make sure you are feeling better, we will re-do the Meridian stress Assessment and follow up with our initial recommendations or supplement plan.

If needed, we will add further testing and plan the next steps towards your next health goals.

Fast Track Known Allergies

Do you already know what irritates you ? Take advantage of our fast targeted programs. These are protocols in three to five concise treatment sessions to achieve your goals quickly. They can be completed in as fast as 7 days.

Currently available for:

  • Seasonal allergies (spring / summer pollen),
  • Hay fever (late summer, autumn, ragweed),
  • Animal allergies (cats, dogs, rabbits, horses or others),
  • Molds (indoor or outdoors)
  • Dust and dustmites.