• Acid Reflux

    I use to have severe acid reflux and needed daily medication. Now that we tested and cleared my food intolerances, I get them about 1-2 a month. And as you suggested, I then take Cal-Mag supplement to reduce acidity. It works even better than my past medication !  Sylvain, Gatineau QC 

  • Weightloss and hormones

    My friend came her for hormonal balance treatment because she had severe hot flashes.  They are now gone (it’s my turn now!) and since her hormones are balanced, she is also loosing weight! She always did the same weightless plan/diet with more or less success. This time, she lost 30 pounds without doing anything more than usual. The only thing she has done her treatment for her food and hormones intolerances. She feels and looks great !  Kristen, Cornwall ON 

  • Weighloss

    We used the bio tracker to get all my initial numbers.  In two months I lost 5% of body fat, most of it is replaced by muscle, bone mass and water (I was dehydrated).  Best of all is I lost 3 pounds of visceral fat and I am down 13 years !!  My initial metabolic age was 63 and I am 55. My new metabolic age is 50 !! I am very excited, it has been so long before getting to the right method ! Thanks for your support !  Christina, Ottawa ON

  • Heart palpitation

    One of my worst symptoms was the heart palpitations caused by sulfites added to foods and drinks.  I did find out by myself after years of trial/error diet and a lot of reading ! But I could not thanks you enough for your testing/treatment method. It proved me right in my theory, but not for a long time ! I am now consuming regular wine, dried fruits, balsamic vinegar, coconut milk and lemon concentrate without symptoms. My sulfite sensitivity is gone and so are my heart issues !  I hope this helps others to consider new options for their health !  Suzanne, Lachute, QC

  • PTSD

    I lived and survived a very traumatic event. After this, I was left with depression and anxiety, heart palpitations, low thyroid function and severe digestive issues.   We have done a lot of work together addressing the food intolerances (gluten and dairy), neurotransmitters and hormones, cardio health kit, and thyroid balance kit.  I also did a cleanse, did some gut repair and major lifestyle changes.  This is my last appointment, I have to say I feel just great.  Everything is balanced and I can feel it !  Marie-Michelle, Pontiac, QC

  • Blood pressure

    I was of the first one to test your new blood pressure balance kit, we had previously helped many of my minor health challenges over the year and high blood pressure was the only thing left.  With diet and exercise, it was better but it still was too high every time I monitored it.  Well since testing and treatment sessions for blood pressure balance and cardio health kits, it stabilized ! I am very grateful.  France, Gatineau QC

  • Nausea

    For a few months in high school I was always nauseous.  It started as soon as I ate, and was on and off the rest of the day. Avoid food and drinks was the only way I could make sure I had no symptoms.  It made no sense and my mom was starting to worry.  We thought it could be stress related at first but it was the same when I was off school or away on vacation.   We did all the test (probably more than 500 substances that first visit!  with your clinic and worked on the liver balance kit, as well as some enzymes, food and food components.  I was a little better after each sessions (there were 5) and now I am completely symptom-free ! I am back to normal teenage diet ! lol  Vanessa, Gatineau QC 

  • Cradle cap

    My baby was a year-old and still ha cradle cap that would always come back.  You explain it could be a sign of liver unbalance, we gave her some herbs for liver drainage, along with the treatments.  It went away, her whole skin cleared and her bowel movements returned to normal. Jennifer, Ottawa ON

  • Liver herbs

    My recent labs showed I had a fatty liver, it was not from alcohol or bad diet, I am actually an athlete !  You tested my liver meridian, found some Chinese herbs that helped and tested/cleared the liver balance kit and some foods and hormones.  All of the helped and nit shows in my blood tests !  Luc, Gatineau QC

  • Psoriasis

    I had a 90% improvement on my psoriasis when I came to see you a few years ago.  We did some test/sessions for food sensitivities and you suggested a cleanse and some suplements.  I was happy with the results but when I heard from a friend that you received new testing kits and I wanted to see if anything could help me get to a 100% perfect skin. Well it did, we tested the autoimmune, immune and pathogens balance kit,  and since then it is all gone !  Thanks, Tanya, Cumberland ON 


  • Lupus

    I was still periodically experiencing symptoms from a lupus episode a couple years ago, since we tested for auto-immune balance kit and we did the treatment session, I did not have a flare up.   Even under very stressful times.  It works for sure !  Mario, Cantley QC

  • Crohn’s

    I have crown’s disease and was still symptomatic even after diet changes and medication. Your test kits and treatment sessions for immune balance, auto-immune reaction, foods and pathogens helped me clear all the residual symptoms. I can now live more freely, I am not in pain all the time, and I eat what I want. Thanks ! Jessica,  St-Andre-Avellin, QC 

  • Parasites

    When you did my meridian stress assessment, my large intestine meridian seemed unbalanced. We tested some supplements and I seemed to be responding well to a parasite cleanse. I went back home thinking it would be a great digestive reboot.  It did more than that, I expelled a worm from my bowel !!! When I look back at pictures, I can see I was bloated even though I was slim.  This is gone and I feel so much better now !! Thanks ! Stephanie, Ripon QC 

  • Runny nose kid

    Our 3 year-old Jack always had the green eleven, you know, the green runny nose. He could not be sick all the time? We just needed to wipe his nose, all year-round.  We came to test for allergies/sensitivities. We found a few intolerances, some foods, some environmental, it helped a little but nothing comparable to the immune basic test kit. We found out he was sensitive/intolerant to the cold virus (among other pathogens) and he was not fighting them efficiently.  You suggested some immune herbs, probiotics, and we did the immune system and pathogen treatment sessions and it resumed.  For the past year he now had only one cold, same time as his sister, and it healed fast. Thanks again. Surprising but amazing results !  Mariella, Cantley, QC 

  • This is what I have to say…

    I was introduced to your services by my mother-in-law, I came mainly for my hormones and it is starting to change so I am happy with this (I am to done yet) so far. I also touched a cat for the first time in my life (I am 35!) this past week-end, I never knew they felt so soft, no reaction at all ! And I have to say I now sleep like a man! I put my head on the pillow and fall asleep ! Wow, I am impressed ! Catherine, Ottawa ON 

  • I was sick

    When I came back for my testing appointment after I finished all my treatment plan. I already knew everything had worked ! I was very sick.  I used to have blocked sinuses and was taking daily medication for it.  This resolved with the dust and indoor allergy protocol.  I also have a lot of energy, my digestion is better. I am happy we tested for food, environment and hormones as well. I am a whole new person…getting to my 60th birthday ! Helene, Gatineau QC