This is you number one body system by importance. A bad digestion will lead to malabsorption, or compromised elimination. Your digestion is where your body gets it’s fuel. It should give you nutrients and energy. Don’t ignore digestive discomfort !


Improved glandular health means hormonal balance, better mood, more energy and better stress management.  Hormones are one of our favorite,  because when we balance them, not only you feel good… everyone around you does too ! 

Nervous System

The nervous system, which includes the brain and spinal cord, serves as the communication link between our internal world and the external world around us. Nowadays this body system is very busy… and in need for support.


Are you in pain ? Pain is a clear signal that something is not working well. It can be caused by disease, injury or something that hurts the body. Even if we can sometimes easily ignore it or cover it up with OTC medication, it is worth addressing it.


This is your own personal little army ! Your body’s natural defense mechanism are challenged everyday. We can help boosting their efficiency and keep you productive. Because you don’t really want to use your sick-days for actually be sick, do you ?


Skin balance is not only esthetic, as the skin is one of our body’s most important elimination organ, it reflects overall health. A vibrant skin is a reflextion of a vibrant health. Let’s have you healthy inside out !


The respiratory system distributes oxygen to the body’s cells. Oxygen is an absolute need at all time. Breath in, we have your lungs covered !


We all clean our houses, do maintenance on our cars. But when is the last time you cleanse your body ? It’s the only place you’ve got to live in ! Make sure it lasts for long with a little TLC.


Your circulatory system delivers nutrition and oxygen to your whole body. We care for a healthy heart, good blood pressure and overall circulation balance which also means no hemorroids, variscous veins or cold extremities.

Weight Loss

Because our weight is more than often a clue that something is off balance, it could be hormones, digestion/assimilation, metabolism, elimination. If your body is storing instead of cleansing we can help !

Kidney & Bladder

Are you in pain? Pain is debilitating, even more if you can’t explain it. If it gets chronic it will also have an impact on your mood and energy level. Pain is a signal that makes you aware that something is wrong. Do you want to shut the messenger or find and address the root cause ?

And more!

We have different test kits that can be useful for other health concerns you might have.  Your whole family is welcomed, we will take good care.