Can this process help with my other health concerns?

Our method has been shown to be very effective in helping the body re-establish balance quickly. When your body is in a state of imbalance, illness, allergies and symptoms can occur.

Our clients are reporting great results dealing with migraines, hot flashes, PMS, attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity, autism, arthritis, fibromyalgia, fatigue, anxiety, celiac disease, insomnia, weight loss not mentioning removal of all common allergy symptoms.

Is this method used for children ? Babies ?

Absolutely. Children do very well with their testing and session as it’s non invasive and completely painless. In fact, most children enjoy coming for sessions. Babies are one of our favorite clientele as well. They respond quickly and they get benefits that will last a lifetime ! Our youngest little patients were 2-3 weeks old.

How many sessions are required ?

Generally, it requires only 1 to 4 to balance a sensitivity. In most cases, we can address many sensitivities or a whole group at a time and most are balanced after one visit.

This really depends on your general health. A patient may require a second, third or, rarely even a fourth visit for the same allergen/irritant, dependent upon:

  • The stress level of the client
  • The amount of bodily toxins
  • The strength of the person’s immune system
  • Underlying infection (parasites, candida)
  • The client’s level of hydration

Keep in mind that several visits may be required to help the body to achieve complete balance with those who are affected by multiple sensitivities. Once balance is achieved, there is usually no need for subsequent or yearly visits for the same substance. (Unless one of the 5 conditions listed below apply to you, and if so we can help.)

How soon will I notice results ?

Once the treatment is done you will get immediate relief from an “external” irritant (ex. pollen, food, animals) and for “internal” irritants (hormones, neurotransmitters, etc) it might take a couple of days/weeks to adapt and balance.

Are there any side effects ?

Most people feel relieved and energized right after the sessions. But during the body’s process of creating balance, some patients that are already tired or weak may experience a healing process.
Healing process: signs of the body naturally cleansing itself.
Possible healing process symptoms: mild headache, mucus secretion, fatigue, more elimination through skin, bowel or urine… (Effects will generally last for 24-48 hours, if any.)

How will my sensitivities be identified ?

We use computerized electro-dermal screening instruments, which are non-invasive and pain-free (no needles are used). We get immediate results regarding your tolerance to any specific substance. Our test database includes thousands of different potential allergens. Allergy tests

Will I have my sensitivities tested on the first visit ?

Most people will have their tests done right away. Some people (about 1 in 5 new patient) have low meridian conductivity. Since we need to test on acupuncture meridian, we will need to activate them first. Our first visit will focus on solution to help your body reach balance to a point that we can test your sensitivities.

Can you refer an other practitioner in my area ?

No, in most cases we can’t. We have a certain background of knowledge, many years of experience, we combine different techniques, and we don’t know anyone that offers the same combination.

Do people travel for treatments ?

Every day there is a least one patient that is from outside the area. It is typically not a long process, most simple issues are gone in 4-5 visits and there are no

Do you always get results ?

We are always successful in balancing people’s sensitivities.  If you are looking for help regarding a specific symptom,  the more clues we have, the faster we will get to the right stressors.   For example if you have sinus congestion : stressors could be food, perfumes, pathogens, animals, dust, or pollen. You might still experience symptoms until we do the session for each one you test sensitive too.

Will I need to take supplements, herbs, vitamins or a cleanse ?

No and Yes. Some people need to get a boost from specific herbs, or a cleanse before we can get the body to proceed new information.   They are suggested and might speed up your results.

You need information or have more questions?