Animal Allergy


A pet is a pleasant company, to care for it, observe it and pet him brings joy and hapiness to his family. Ready to put a little extra life in your house ?

Outdoor Environment


Are you stuck inside on certain times of the year ? If you only feel good during winter months, it’s time to add a little fresh air to your life !

Indoor Environment


What if we could make your home or workplace a better place to be ? What if YOU could now be comfortable and healthy anywhere you go?

Contact Allergy


Your skin is the first thing other people see, we all want it glowing. But in fact it’s also a first-line defense for your immune system, so it can have it’s own sensitivities.

Food Allergy


Eat for food, eat for fun! Are you limited in your food choices? You need to read labels and avoid gluten, lactose, soy, sulphites, or other …?

And more!


Sun allergy, Cold allergy, histamine allergy, chlorine allergy, water allergy, sweat allergy, electro sensitivity, hypersensitivity, we’ve seen and helped them all.