Each of our cells has specialized receptors to recognize substances. When the body recognizes a substance, it knows what to do with it: use it, absorb it, reject it, fight it, store it, and so on. When the body does not recognize a substance, It will be labeled as a stranger, therefore potential danger. The body will then treat these as if they were harmful agents.Through energy medicine we help the body regain its balance and recognize substances for what they really are. When the body can make the difference between a harmless or dangerous substance, it completely heals itself and the unpleasant symptoms cease.

Note that we do not in any way diagnose or pretend to treat allergies.



Our body has an innate ability to create balance and regulate. This process is called homeostasis. We need to balance our body’s PH, temperature, sugar levels, blood pressure and electrolytes at all times. What can get in the way ? Stress. According to WHO (world Health Organisation) 90% of today’s illness and diseases are caused by stress. Everyday millions of people take medication for stress-related issues.



In our society, we are exposed to stress 24/7. And the result is illness and disease. Our bodies does tremendous effort to adapt but if we get stressed by a substance (by over-exposition or saturation) or stressed when exposed to a substance (exposure under stress) one’s body could associate it to danger and think that substance is the actual stressor. From this point, one can become sensitive to it and start reacting every time it’s exposed to it.



The term allergy is defined by medical science as an abnormal reaction to a substance that is usually considered harmless, resulting in an immune system response.

However, in all cases it is essentially a case of mistaken identity. When the body encounters harmful foreign invaders such as bacteria, viruses, toxins, and parasites, it naturally will attack and destroy these invading pathogens. However, harmless substances such as pollens, dusts, grasses, animal dander, molds, foods, etc. are sometimes mistaken for harmful invaders and rejected by the body’s immune system.



An intolerance is known as an non-immune system response reaction to a substance.If the rejected substance is eliminated through the intestinal tract, one might experience flatulence, cramping, abdominal bloating or loose bowel movements. If the elimination process evacuates through the urinary system, frequent or urgent urination or nocturia (nightly urination) may occur. Elimination through the skin may result in rashes, hives, eczema, psoriasis or body odour. Finally, any rejected substance eliminated through the respiratory system may cause sinus congestion, runny nose – consequently a sore throat, multiple sneezing, wheezing, or asthmatic symptoms.



In an holistic allergy point of view, we prefer to call them sensitivities: we look at sensitivities as bioenergetic counteraction to a given substance resulting in any abnormality or pathology. It covers allergies, intolerances, resistance and any delayed or cumulative reaction that the body might have to a substance. Did you know you can be or become sensitive or resistant to some substances that are actually parts of you and should be working for you ! Hormones, Enzymes, neurotransmitters, minerals, vitamins, etc. For example : we all know about insulin resistance that leads to diabetes, but did you know an hormonal sensitivity could cause hot flashes, a neurotransmitters resistance could explain your ADHD or perhaps an intolerance to iron could cause your anemia ?