Noémie Bergeron


D.O., N.D.
Member C.P.O.Q and A.N.N

Osteopath,  Naturopath, Specialty in Holistic Allergy 

Ostheopathy got me started into the health field.  I graduated as an Osteopath D.O. in 2002 and opened my own clinic that same year.  I worked with a passion and purpose : helping patients to regain wellbeing through manual medicine.

As her desire to go further and treat the person as a whole, I undertook in 2005 studies in naturopathy. I was then introduced to Bioenergetics and learned to use computerized electrodermal screening (an electro-acupuncture health check ). With these tools in hand, I was able to even better meet the needs of my patients.

In 2007,  I had to face a new challenge : allergies.  It seemed to be a new growing phenomenon and I got interested in learning about it.  I realized how medicine had poor diagnostic tools for allergies and intolerances and offered little hope for treatment. Even natural medicine did not offer any alternative to allergy sufferers.

I first consulted as a desperate but skeptical patient.  Living allergy free can certainly change a life !  After undergoing treatments for myself, my family members and referring dozens of patients this way, I was convinced and decided to go forward with training for myself. I studied Bioenergetic Medicine and Specialized in Sensitivity testing and treatment.

Yes, I now know that it’s possible to quickly identify allergies and intolerances and live free from their symptoms!   With the years of practice we expanded our practice to the many applied health protocoles you can see listed on this website, with the same success we get with allergies or intolerances.  I now dedicate my practice to Bioenergetic medicine since receiving my degree as a Registered Holistic Allergist in 2009.