Sick of allergies?

Does your body over-react to harmless substances ? Do you suffer from asthma, eczema, itching, sneezing, coughing or congestion? We can help.

Life Allergy Free

Want your health back ?

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired ? We can help. There is always room for improvement, but we go further, we aim for your best health ever.

Live in balance

Optimal health and balance !

We are proud to offer a non-invasive, drug free modality that enables your body to create natural balance.

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Sensivity Testing

We work with a comprehensive testing library/database of food and environmental samples. But did you know that we can also test thousands of other substances in order to know exactly what is affecting your health

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Simple Treatment

We help your body reach a state of balance where it can recognize harmful from un-harmful substances and deal with each one accordingly. Your body is then able to heal itself and stops producing annoying symptoms.

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Happy Life

The body has an innate ability and capacity to heal itself. We are her to activate it. It’s that simple. Come and see what it can do for you.

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Our mission, your health & balance.

At Clinique SYNERGIE, we are dedicated to Help you feel better. Now.

Health is energy and information. We use energy medicine that combine ancient chinese medicine knowledge with ultra-modern technology to help your body correct it’s own information patterns.

If you have a health concern, at any age, we can help. You are never too young or too old to reach optimal health ! With a proprietary testing and treatment combination, we are sure to find the root cause of your issues and address it.

Everyday, we help people from our Ottawa and Gatineau, other that travel from everywhere in Quebec and Ontario, and some that also reach out from as far as Canada’s West or East coast to get our expertise. That’s because we are unique in what we do.

We love to help you

Testimonials from all across Canada!
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Whether you feel a discomfort, you have a new symptom, a recurring one, a chronic or an acute condition, you always get your questions answered here and they can alway test something appropriate.  I have never been disappointed with my visits, I leave here quite impressed !  Worth the drive for sure.

Rosemarie Lewis Montréal QC January 30, 2017

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If I let my 3 years old know I am going to Synergie she NEEDS to come, she is always excited. She plays "intolerance testing" at home because this is her favorite appointments !She has been coming here since she was a baby and always feels comfortable here.


Melanie Gatineau, QC January 30, 2017

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This approach has totally changed my life. I learned new things about my health everytime I had a session with you.  I always feel welcomed with my questions and concerns and the best part is that there is always an answer ! Thanks to Renée, Natacha and Noémie. I really enjoyed my visits here.

Céline P. Gatineau, QC January 30, 2017

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I was referred to you in the past, then I heard about your clinic on the radio. I am glad I finally came to see it for myself ! My only regret is that I waited that long ! Thanks for the good care, and now I am spreading the word.

Laura T. Gatineau, QC January 30, 2017

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We moved out West a couple years ago. We used to be patients here for myself and my oldest daughter.  When we had our second baby boy, we knew by his symptoms that he might also have some intolerances/allergies that you could help with.   So here we are, we flew  just to come to your clinic !

Emma L-Charles Vancouver BC January 30, 2017

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Dear Mrs Bergeron, Just a note to express my appreciation following my meetings with you. Thank you for the good care received at your clinic. Your sensitive and professional approach has helped me better manage a new approach to food. I feel better since the beginning of this program. This approach has been a success for me and I would recommend it without hesitation. Thank you to the whole team and to you in particular.

Marie-Christine Burdin Montreal QC May 28, 2017

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